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Our Beliefs

The core doctrine that forms the foundation of what we believe and teach at Sword of The Spirit Ministries. In case your curious, we've laid it all out for you.
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Our Vision

Learn the vision that drives our passion to help people discover their purpose and fulfill the plan of God their lives.
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Meet our pastors who set the vision of Sword of The Spirit Ministries.
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We want you to know that we care about
you and would like to get to know you better.
We have a variety of ministries that can help
you pursue your God-given purpose and
destiny. We welcome you to experience
worship, family life and connections with
others who are in pursuit of the presence
and power of God.


If you've never been to Sword
of The Spirit we're sure you may have questions. We've laid out some frequently asked questions for you.


Sword of The Spirit Ministries is affiliated with Christian International Apostolic Network, a network church under the covering of Dr. Bill Hamon, Bishop of Christian International Ministries Network headquartered in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Together we possess global vision to build the church on the foundations of the Apostles and Prophets. We believe God is restoring all the gifts of the Spirit which were active in the early Church.



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