Equipping School


Our Equipping School has a clear vision and mission to teach, equip, activate and release the saints to have maximum impact in their spheres of influence through the power of God. Every member of the Body of Christ has been endowed with special gifts from the Father and has an important role to play in the Great Commission and the demonstration of His power through signs, wonders and miracles! Here at the "School of the Prophets" you will be challenged and empowered to fulfill your destiny through hands-on activation and impartation that brings experiential revelation of your gifts by "reason of use". 

We have a dynamic curriculum with two distinct tracks that focus on different aspects of ministry, helping to launch you forward into the fullness of God's plan and purpose for your life. Our courses are both academic and experiential, and designed to help you identify and refine your ministry gifts while preparing you to minister the Word and the Spirit, confirming His awesome love with power. 

There are two distinct Tracks of Study – 

"School of the Prophets" and "School of Leadership"

– which are designed to be both academic & experiential. Upon completion of 10 Fast Tracks in one core area of study, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. Some of these classes also have a practicum to complete. See Fast Tracks for descriptions of Spring and Fall courses in both Tracks of study.

School of The Prophets

We believe that every saint can hear the voice of God, be activated

in the gifts of the Spirit and do the "greater works". 


The purpose of the School of the Prophets is to provide academic and prophetic training including spiritual gift activation and impartation of anointing, empowering the saints to recognize, hear and respond to the voice of God. Through a mighty "Awakening", a generation of reformers will arise releasing His voice, demonstrating His power and ushering in revival and end-time harvest.

School of Leadership

We believe in "Five-Fold Ministry" – the ministry of Apostles, Prophets,

Evangelists, Pastors and Teachers. Eph. 4:11. 


Our heart is to see every saint functioning in his or her membership ministry in the Body of Christ, being established in the Word, fulfilling the "Great Commission", demonstrating His power and advancing His Kingdom in their spheres of influence. The purpose of the School of Leadership is to provide five-fold ministry and leadership training which also
includes impartation of anointing and activation of spiritual gifts.

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